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Black Chimney Anti Corrosion Coating / Acid and Heat Resistant Adhesive

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GUIBAO
Certification: CECC
Model Number: 877
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 40 sets
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Part A as 25kg, Part B as 300g
Delivery Time: 5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3000 Sets/ 5 working days
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Detail Information

Color: Part A Is White, Part B Is Black, And The Mixture Is Black Paste Shelf Life: 12 Months
Packing: Part A :25kg, Part B :300g Key Words: Anti-corrosion,chimney,Acid And Heat Resistant Adhesive
Feature: Two Part,fast Curing Quality: High
High Light:

anti corrosion protection


heat resistant adhesive

Product Description

Acid and Heat Resistant Adhesive Chimney Anti Corrosion Coating
Guibao 877 is the modified silicone elastic anti-corrosion adhesive with excellent acid and temperature resistance. Its product technology has reached the international leading level. It has been applied to chimney anti-corrosion engineering of coal-fired power plants in 2005. There have been many successful cases.
Product Features


Two-part, fast curing and bonding;

Excellent high and low temperature resistance, and long-term use at -55 ° C ~ 200 ° C after curing;

Excellent corrosion resistance for long-lasting use in the wet flue gas environment of power plant desulfurization chimney;

Excellent wear resistance for resisting the scouring of fluid, such as flue gas dust and high flow rate gas;

Good elasticity for adapting to the thermal expansion and contraction stress of various substrates after curing without cracking and falling off;

Excellent aging resistance, usually up to 30 years of service life;

Certificated by CECC;

Good adhesion to concrete, acid-resistant brick, steel base, FRP, ceramic, etc., with wide application range;

No harmful gas volatilization, no harm to the human body, and no pollution to the environment.


Main Usage


Anti-corrosion bonding and filling of foam glass block, vitrified ceramic block and anti-corrosion alloy materials in chimneys and flue anti-corrosion lining systems of thermal power plants;

Bonding of various fireproof materials, thermal insulation materials and anti-corrosion material


Typical Technical Indicators (the measured values should not be considered as product standards)







Standard Requirement


Performance Indicators


Test Method



Tack-free time

H ≧30 1.0 GB/T 13477.5


Pot life

Min ≧30 36 GB 16776


Shore hardness

ShoreA 40~70 47 GB/T 531.1


Mechanical properties



Tensile strength

MPa ≧2.0 2.2 GB/T 528


Elongation at break

% ≧90 132


Heat treatment

(200 ° C × 24h)


Tensile strength

MPa ≧1.8 2.3


Acid treatment

(5% H2SO4×7d)


Tensile strength

MPa ≧1.8 2.0


Bond shear strength

MPa ≧1.2 1.9 GB/T 7124

Application Method


Before application, the surface of the substrate should be polished, dedusted and cleaned to avoid affecting the bonding;

Add Part B into Part A according to the manufacturer's recommended ratio;

Mix Part A&B uniformly and then evenly spread on the substrate with a tool.



Part A is white, Part B is black, and the mixture is black paste.



Part A as 25kg/plastic drum, Part B as 300mL/cartridge;

Recommended mixing ratio: A: B = 12~14:1 (mass ratio)

The recommended amount of material for the block& adhesive is 12kg/m2.



Net content: Part A as 25kg, Part B as 300g;

Executive Standard



Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place . From the date of production, the storage period is 12 months in the unopened &sealed container.
Transported as Dangerous goods


Not suitable for frosted or wet substrate surfaces;

When the surface temperature of the material is lower than 5 °C or exceeds 50 °C, it is not suitable for application;

Part A&B should be thoroughly mixed to avoid unevenness and affect the performance of the elastic material;

Part A&B should be stored separately, and prepared when using; after preparation, it should be used within the specified time to avoid waste;

Before bonding the relevant substrate and mass-scale application, the adhesion should be checked in advance;

Uncured adhesive should not be in contact with the skin for a long time. In case of eyes contact, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately;

This product is a chemical product, and forbidden to eat and to be implanted in the body; keep the uncured product away from touch of children.

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